November 5, 2016 Investigation

** NOTE: Some of these EVP's may require use of headphones. All suspect EVPs have been repeated three times at the end of the audio clip.

Kat Tedsen & Sue Burt: Tech City Basement

Former Skirt Hoop Manufacturing Company. Original Masonic Temple.
Built: 1866

EVP #1: "Mommy".
A member of our group began feeling uncomfortable. We noted very high EMF levels around her.

Note: A child was reported to have been killed in 1869 when a horse kicked him. It's believed his spirit may remain with the building. If true, perhaps this child spirit felt some kind of connection to this woman.

EVP "Mommy"

EVP #2: "Funny" or "Honey".
Kat asked if the "spirit" or whoever could see us thought we were dead. The EMF meters seemed to respond to that question. Kat was explaining this paranormal concept to the group when this evp was recorded. Uncertain if it says "Funny" or "Honey."

EVP: "Funny" or "Honey"

EVP #3: "He's coming"
Recorded during a period where EMF levels began fluctuating to questions. NOTE: This is a low decibel EVP. Headphones recommended.

EVP: He's coming

EVP #4: "I died in here."
A psychic in one of the previous groups thought one of the spirits residing in this area of the building was named "Mary." A member of the group is asking if the EMF responses were coming from Mary.

EVP: I died in here

EVP #5: "Nancy"
General questions are being asked. This evp was recorded. It is unclear what is being said but may say the name "Nancy".

EVP: Lacey or Nancy

EVP #5: "I see you"
A member of the group asks for the spirit/energy to tell us their name. It is believed this evp may have said, "I see you."

EVP: I see you

EVP #6: Unknown words
The group is talking about what may have happened to the small boy who was killed after being kicked by a horse. This evp was recorded although the exact words are unknown.

EVP: Unknown

Maria Aistrop - Former location of Village Winery

Former residence. Census records show Mrs. VanAmes owned in 1875. 1916 indicates T. Hosner as owner. Research indicated both died from natural causes. There is a tombstone in the crawl space of this location dating to the 1840's. The tombstone is no relation to past owners of the home. There was a stone maker who lived next door in the 1840's. It's possible, the tombstone was placed there by the stone maker and never used. However, the exact reason for the tombstone remained there is not known.
Built: Pre-1841

EVP #1:
"Get away from here"
Maria and group enter a room. Maria says, "Hello" and this response is heard.

EVP "Get away from here"

EVP #2: "I'll be over"
EMF hits begin. Maria and group back away from the EMF meter and encourage the spirit to come near when this response was received.

EVP "I'll be over"

Audible Voice Phenomena#3: "Paul Robinson"
Maria is just generally talking about the decor in the room when this voice phenomena was captured. Note that others in the room heard this.

Voice Phenomena "Paul Robinson"

EVP #4: "I loved her, too"
Maria is just talking about a tragic murder in the history of Romeo. A true account of an uncle who murdered his niece just a few blocks from where the location. Perhaps the voice is talking about the young girl who was murdered.

EVP "I loved her, too"

EVP #4: "Get out"
Recorded a some point during a group session. Maria believes there are a few evps here ... "Most of all" ... "get out" ... "I don't want to."

The clearest (get out) has been highlighted and repeated at the end.

EVP "Get out"

Dennis Mitchell: Little Shoppes on Main

Considered one of the oldest buildings in Romeo. Exact history remains unknown.
Built 1800's.

EVP #1: "I am what you say"
Dennis is asking if the spirit is male or female.

EVP "I am what you say"

EVP #2: Unknown
A member of the group is using a suspended crystal for spirit response. Dennis explains how the entity can respond via the crystal or through the emf meter. A female voice is heard although the words are not known.

EVP female voice, words unknown




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