October 8, 2016 Investigation

** NOTE: Some of these EVP's will require use of headphones. All suspect EVPs have been highlighted at the end of the audio clip"

Sue Burt and Ken Aistrop: Living Lavida Linda

Of note, there were several significant EMF meter hits in response to questions but no EVPs to validate hits. However, at one point, a bowl on the table of the main floor began to vibrate and move without sound.

EVP #1: "children"
Ken is leading a session in the lower level of the shop when this is recorded.

EVP "children"

Maria Aistrop: Connelly's Creations

The history of this location includes the tragic murder of a young girl by her uncle. The uncle later shot himself in the head in the barn not long after.

EVPs recorded here did not seem to relate to this aspect of the location's history.

EVP #1: This one's difficult to understand, but we believe it may say "Roll 'em up", "grown up"
A member of the group asks if the spirit (believed to be a child) liked the Christmas ornaments that were on display.

EVP "roll 'em up" or "grown up"

EVP #2: "What's wrong" or "fat"
General conversation was going on when this was recorded. It's unclear what is said. Maria thinks the word is "fat" others think it's "what's wrong".

EVP "What's wrong"

EVP #3: "Walter has left"
EMF meters were responding to questions. It was believed the entity/spirit may have been "Walter". (Note: No relation to Walter can be found related to that property). When asked if Walter was still around, the response was, "Walter has left."

EVP "Walter has left"



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